About us

Henrik Aamodt

Henrik is a life long music enthusiast and fan. In his spare time off work as a surgeon he builds and restores turntables and collects records. 


Jann Frost Urstad

Jann loves music, HiFi equipment and musical instruments. Outside Oslogryta records he is an industrial designer bringing 25 years of experience in design and production into our firm.


Einar Brattlie

Einar is a key member of Østkanten Bluesklubb, publisher in-chief of "Bluesnews" (bluesnews.no) and a lifelong music enthusiast.


Miriam Skovholt Mortensen

A long time music aficionado with a soft spot for classic design furniture, Miriam works as a multidisciplinary designer always looking for interesting collaborations and projects. 


Odd Rune Hegge

A Man on a mission to launch his own range of speakers, after 25 years in the industry.